"Practice Hard Win Easy"

John Sheehan

Pitcher for the Colorado Rockies 2014 – 2016, 3.49 career ERA, 9.55 strikeouts per 9 innings, 2.9 walks per 9 innings, College of William & Mary, 2009 – 2014, Bachelor of Science – Kinesiology, Four year Starter and Reliever, 2013 NCAA Division I Regional Finalist, Brockton Rox Summer Collegiate Baseball, 2012 Future Collegiate League Pitcher of the Year, 2013 Future Collegiate League All Star, Cressey Sports Performance (CSP), Five years training as an athlete, CSP interned and trained in physical assessment and custom program development, MLB sponsored 2015 and 2016 Area Code Games strength/conditioning instructor, Driveline Baseball Certified, Focus on improving velocity and pitching health.

strength & conditioning program

Elite Pitching Program

The goal of the program is to create elite athletes by enhancing their physical development, including baseball specific physical development, and baseball skills.  The program is aimed at the serious baseball player for whom baseball is his primary sport, who desires to maximize his ability and development with the aim of reaching his full potential whether that potential be:

  • The position player looking to maximize speed, strength and flexibility to succeed at successive higher levels of competition
  • The youth pitcher transitioning to high school and “the big diamond”
  • The junior varsity pitcher striving for varsity
  • ​The high school pitcher with aspirations of pitching in college
  • The college pitcher with his vision set on professional baseball
  • The professional player seeking to succeed at the highest level

Program Components

Physical Assessment

Individualized assessment of: 

  • Baseline strength
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Movement patterns
  • Physical Development

Based on the individual’s physical assessment, a specific program is developed addressing the identified weaknesses while continuing the overall building of strength and mobility.

Individual instruction/coaching in proper execution of each exercise and element of the program to maximize benefit

Program is updated monthly to ensure continual develop of strength, endurance and flexibility

Individual is reassessed at the beginning of each off season

Throwing Program
Velocity Development – Driveline Weighted Ball Throwing Program
The Driveline MaxVelo program uses weighted balls, max effort and submaximal throwing, and lots of warm-up and recovery to train pitchers who succeed at the next level. From high school to college, your goals as a pitcher change. MaxVelo changes right along with you.

  • Individualized off season and in season throwing programs
  • Individualized by position
  • Professional Coaching
  • Mechanics to maximize velocity, command, and arm health
  • Pitch Development – grips, technique, release
  • Pitch Selection – “when to throw what”
  • Mental Approach to pitching
  • Unlimited use of the Dirt Dawg Strength & Development Facility

Why this program?

​For eighteen of my twenty six years I’ve been playing baseball or getting ready to play baseball.  I had the thrill of being on the mound in 2009 when Westwood High School won their first state championship in 46 years.  I played four years at the College of William & Mary, an outstanding academic school, reaching the NCAA Division I Regional Finals while majoring in kinesiology.  I lived the dream of being scouted and signed by the Colorado Rockies and pitching professionally.  If you want to get there - chances are I’ve been there.

What did I learn on this journey?  It takes work, determination, some luck, a love of the game and help!  As I progressed through the levels I couldn’t believe how many players with all the raw ability never got a chance.  I’m certain several of my high school teammates had all the ability to play in college but never did.  I saw college teammates never develop physically, or receive less than “stellar” coaching, be mentally beaten by coaches – not lifted by great coaching – and never reach their potential.  Just too many “what could have been” stories.

I want every player in our program to have the chance to reach their potential by combining individual physical assessment and development plans, customized health driven throwing programs (which includes times of not throwing – take it from a guy who had Tommy John surgery at nineteen), and coaching of mechanics, grips, velocity development, pitch selection and the critical mental part of the game. I’ve learned from some of the best MLB coaches and want to pass along all I know and all I continue to research.  I want to share in your growth and success while working through the inevitable bumps in the road which are all part of the ride.

Last, this better be fun or why are we doing it!  It’s great to have had the chance to play professionally, but the most fun, the greatest thrill, I ever had on the field was winning that State Championship with my Westwood High School teammates.  Those memories last forever.