"Practice Hard Win Easy"



The Dirt Dawg Sports Softball programs provide all players the opportunity to sharpen their softball skills through commitment, repetition and professional instruction at our new state of the art facility. Players that join make a commitment to the program and we in return make a commitment to improving all aspects of your game, offensively and defensively.

We believe that top notch instruction is an integral component for player development. We have a dedicated staff of instructors and coaches that are able to draw upon past experiences of playing and coaching at a high level to accelerate the development of all Dirt Dawg Sports Softball players. Our goal is to provide the tools, knowledge and know how. These along with player commitment will put your child in a position to succeed and learn detail down to every pitch during a game or tournament. We as a facility are focused on the details and we work with every team and player to ensure that they are well prepared to play the game of Softball.  It’s the ability to gain the edge that will set our program apart.

The Dirt Dawg Sports staff emphasizes the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork and individual responsibilities within the team concept. We stress the value of a solid work ethic as the building block to success in both sports and in life. We strive to instill these values in every player that walks through our doors.