Baseball Biomechanics

Pitching Eric Folmar Testimonials:

“After my son’s UCL injury was diagnosed Eric immediately got to work identifying the conditions that led to the injury. He was able to identify that the stress on the UCL was not coming from his elbow but was in fact coming from flexibility limitations in his shoulder. Eric then analyzed his throwing motion with video taken from before the injury through which he was able to identify the precise mechanics in his throwing motion that had put further stress on the UCL. Once these issues were identified, Eric came up with a program tailored to my son’s unique issues. The program not only focused on stretching and strengthening but also on techniques to promote proper arm slot while pitching. The goal always being 100% recovery and long term prevention of injury re-occurrence. The bottom line is that if my son had be evaluated by Eric before the injury it likely would never have happened.” – Michael

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