Pitchers - Everyday you should be throwing 
Hitters - Everyday you should be taking swings 
Fielders - Throw every day --- muscle memory - even if your just going thru footwork drink- transition to throw drills
Push ups and Sit ups  - Every day !
Sprint and running everyday 
SHARPE Conditioning Program

Movement Preparation  DAY 1 
A. Drop Back Split Squat
Cues: Knee at the toes, Spine Straight, Core contracted
Great For: Leg strength, Coordination, Warming up
Perform before physical activity. 10-20 reps. Or you can use as an exercise holding weight once warm
B. Full Pike
Cues: Hands under shoulders, Full range of spine, Breath
Great For: Core control, Shoulder and rear mobility, Shoulder and rear warming
Perform before physical exercise, 10-20 reps, Don't go fast. 
C. Overhead Side Bend with Squat
Cues: Reach arms, stretching wrists, Feet flat, knees out, Breath, Stay straight- don't turn
Great For: Core stability, Shoulder and Leg warming, Hip mobility
Perform before physical activity or as a workout, once you can master the form, start holding a light bar. 10-20 reps
Shoulder Specific Injury Prevention and Stability DAY 1
A. Scapula Push Up
Cues: Hands under shoulders, keep hips low, push away fully
Great For: Shoulder health, scapula mobility and stability 
Perform before any activity, 10-20 reps slowly
B. W's
Cues: Elbows at 90 degrees, chin down, Hands raise with elbows, DONT SHRUG
Great For: Shoulder stability, Scapula mobility, Rotator Cuff strength
Perform before any throwing activity or before exercise. 20-30 reps slowly
C. I's
Cues: Elbows straight, DONT SHRUG, thumbs up, chin down, SLOW
Great For: Shoulder strength, Scapular Health and mobility
Perform before any exercise especially throwing 20-30 reps slow
Core Strength and Stability DAY 1 and Day 2 
A. Front Plank
Cues: Elbows under ribs and chest, Hips Low, Core and rear contracted, breath 
Great For: Core strength, Warming up, Power Production
Perform as a warm up and as a workout. Aim for perfection before duration. 30-60sec, Then try one foot at low duration intervals 10-20 sec
B. Side Plank
Cues: Elbow under shoulder, Hips Forward, Contracted core and rear
Great For: Shoulder stability, core stability, Power Production, warm up and workout
Perform like the front plank- quality over quantity, work up to 30-40 sec per side
C. Connect 4
Cues: Head down, knees and feet inside hip width, DONT RUSH THROUGH, Reach arm and leg 1 inch from ground. Bonus: Add a twist
Great For: Core strength, Coordination and Hip control. Warm ups and Workout
Perform 30-60sec holding each position for 3-5sec

Power Production  DAY 2
A. Jump Squat
Cues: Shoulder width apart, feet flat, Chest up, Use arms to help, knees out, full squat-fingers could touch
Great For: Speed, strength, Sport Specificity, Leg Power, Injury Prevention
Perform 6-12 reps per set. Rest 20-30 seconds and repeat 4-5 times
B. Arm Slam- 5-10lbs depending on strength and experience.
What to Use: Medicine Ball, Small Sandbag, Anything of that weight that you can throw down and it won't explode, break or ruin the ground or bounce and crack your face. Suitable alternate is work on chin ups at home with palms in. Negatives to begin with until you can complete 10 slow negatives to a full arm stretch, then begin trying to pull up 2 reps at a time.
Cues for Arm Slam: Elbows slightly bent, head and hips stationary, core tight, slight stretch behind spine and rapidly change direction throwing it down to the ground. 
Great For: Shoulder Power, Core stability, Rotator Cuff injury prevention 
Perform 10-20 reps. Controlled. Dont whip the object behind your head or you might do more harm than good. 
C. Lateral Bounding
Cues: Using whole foot, jump out as far as possible landing under control and desending to a 1/4 squat before exploding back out to the opposite side. Prioritize distance over height. 
Great For: Speed and Leg Power, Base Stealing, Power during a swing or throw.
Perform 10-16 reps slow at first before trying to perform rapidly. 

Mobility DAY 2
A. Spidermans
Cues: Back leg and spine straight, Hips low, Front foot at elbow and flat
Great For: Hip mobility, Thoracic mobility, Core stability. Before any physical activity 
Perform 4 per side holding 5-10 sec per leg
B. Lateral Sumo Squat
Cues: Wide stance, Feet flat and straight, Spine straight, Hands down
Great for: Groin and hip mobility, thoracic mobility, Leg and glute strength, all warm ups
Perform 5 sec hold ea side, 10-20 total. Bonus: Add a twist hold
C. Single Leg Floor Touch
Cues: Spine straight, Slow, Bottom leg as straight as possible, back foot stays with spine
Great For: Hamstring mobility, Hip stability and warming, balance, warm ups and workout
Perform 15-20 per leg, Bonus: Eventually try holding weights if you can keep proper posture




"Practice Hard Win Easy"