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Dirt Dawg Sports Update - Parents and Players

Facility Status: 

First off,  a special thank you to all you front line emergency workers.  I know we have quite a few in and around our organization, keep up the heroic work to get us thru this. 

We are currently closed here at the Dawg. We will be locked down over the next 10-14 days as we do expect the pandemic numbers to spike on the short term. Please everyone stay home , stay safe , but please keep on working it !  Indoor drills , outdoor drills , conditioning – keep up the hard work and keep sending the videos. 

We all hope for the curve to flatten out and that will give us a light at the end of the tunnel.  We still have our eyes on the end of April – early May as do the club leagues and tourneys. We will continue to monitor and keep everyone in the loop . MIAA organization is looking to start their High school seasons in early May and run into the end of June, so there is still hope . We will planning ours as well.

We did some work with Stoughton Youth Baseball on their fields , they are ready to go ! We are working with Randolph to get access to the 60x90 Diamond so we can start some work on the field and make sure fields are ready to go . We will let everyone know how this plays out. We are also pulling permits for Randolph and for Stoughton fields so stay tuned there too for outdoor practices

Videos – Keep them coming – we will continue or should I say Alex will continue to edit and post . We will keep posting our skills videos and our conditioning videos , lets everyone roll into some conditioning and lets get creative.  In regards to videos – keep them 30-40 secs, get close ups so we can provide feedback  and send them in landscape form rather than portrait.  We will continue with weekly live video update , please send in questions and topics you would like feedback info on . We will be having Major League Baseball players providing feedback on our softball and baseball players  videos. Some of the players confirmed are current Red Sox Coach Ramon Vasquez, current players Chirstian Vasquez, Eduardo Rodriguez and Jose Santiago , 1967 Impossible Dream Team Star. This should be fun and informative. 

Videos – some of you have not sent in anything – please let us know you are continuing to work .  4-5 weeks of work can and will disappear in 1-2 weeks of inactiveness.  You have time to TIK TOK A VIDEO , get to work on softball and baseball (18U Team Grass/Connors … HellOOOOO)  Lets have some fun with it ! 

Lets tighten up and expand our Dirt Dawg Community.  Everyone – Please Share our videos,  LIKE our Videos and send off to family and friends. We are linking up with all our local partners as well. We have had a few videos  commented on by MLB players , which is pretty cool.  

Everyone stay safe – stay healthy – stay home – Most of all stay busy !!  Practice Hard Win Easy !



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