"Practice Hard Win Easy"

axis wood bats

hitting  & lessons

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Business Hours
Monday - 3:30pm-7pm

Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday - 3:30pm-8pm

Friday 4pm-7pm

Saturday - 10am-12:30pm  Sunday - Call Pending Weather

Our facility features four coin-operated baseball and softball batting cages that are available to the public on a walk-in basis any time during our hours of operation. These cages give hitters the option to choose between baseball or softball pitches with a variety of different speeds.

Also we offer 1 on 1 private lessons on Pitching, Fielding, Hitting, Catching for Baseball and Softball. We offer 30min session, 1hr session, 3pak sessions and 10pak sessions.


No Lunch Registration
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40 Industrial Drive
Canton, MA 02021
Tel / Fax 781-562-0758

Email: info@dirtdawgsports.com

Welcome to Dirt Dawg Sports!

Dirt Dawg Sports is a premier baseball and softball training facility offering year-round indoor and outdoor top-notch professional baseball and softball instruction. Our Mission is to work with all players to instill, cultivate and nurture the love and passion that they have for the game. When we have achieved our mission this will be directly reflected in the players performance on the field, their commitment off the field and their sportsmanship on and off the diamond. We want to work with all local Baseball and Softball programs to help them achieve their goals as a Town, League or Team. We are committed to you!

AXIS Pro Bats are engineered using a unique process that helps make every bat stronger and perfectly balanced for maximum impact.  AXIS technology is the intelligence behind what makes our premium quality bats. AXIS process assures that the billets are aligned to rotate and the weight distributed on their most perfect AXIS, while maintaining the natural integrity of the wood and without distressing the organic orientation of the grain. AXIS are Pro Certified Bats in Ash and Maple. Swing the same bats the Pros use.

AXIS wood bats are now available at Dirt Dawg Sports Facility, we are an Oficial Distributor for AXIS Bats.