"Practice Hard Win Easy"

Parkway Little League Clinic


by: Dirt Dawg Sports Coaching Staff

2018 Winter-Spring Player Clinics for Ages 5-12 years old.
9 weeks of detailed skill sessions.
Starting Jan 6th – Running till Mid March 3
90 minute sessions - age groups (5-8) and (9-12)

​(Next Year Season Ages)

Group 1 Ages (5-8) Saturdays from 3:00pm to 4:30pm

Group 2 Ages (9-12) Saturdays 4:30pm to 6:00pm

We will split groups by age, skill  and numbers to increase training by abilities. Will consist of high level of instruction. Drills focused on the finer mechanics of the game. Increased reps weekly – initial focus on correct form and mechanics- We want our students to perform fewer reps correctly, create muscle memory that will lead to proper mechanics.

Program Overview. 
Run stations to cover all aspects of the game. Rotate players through multiple hitting stations, leveraging our training aids to build a better swing from the ground up, Include Strength and Conditioning drills that are part of all MLB spring training camps. Speed – Agility –Footwork – Conditioning of all players.

Drills changing weekly to further expand all  players abilities.
We like to create a relaxed – fun atmosphere to ease nerves . Creates a clinic that the kids have fun with – learn a ton and want to come back each week.