Early methods of mass-producing bats relied on the wood lathe, which turned out cylindrical knobs with ease, but did little to address the actual shape of a hitter’s clenched hand around the handle. Generations passed and the round knob persisted, until nobody thought to question why it existed or what purpose it served. All the while, it was doing untold damage, reducing power, blistering palms, even breaking bones.

We created the Axe Bat for you, the hitter. Informed by a thorough analysis of the biomechanics and ergonomics of the swing, the Axe handle was designed using modern technology to support your most efficient and natural movement through the hitting zone. Scientific research supports the superiority of the Axe handle to the conventional round knob.

A comprehensive, biomechanical analysis comparing the two designs can be found in the following study, conducted by Vijay Gupta, Ph.D., using elite college baseball players. Gupta’s work confirms the Axe Bat:

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The Axe handle has been meticulously crafted to fit your hand. This starts with the knob, which is cut at approximately 22 degrees; our research reveals this angle to be ideal for the human anatomy because it allows the “hook” of the handle to rise to meet your lower fingers in their natural, closed positions, providing greater leverage, while dropping the backside below the most sensitive area of your palm.

The handle, meanwhile, has an oval profile where the bottom hand grasps. This blends to a traditional, round cylinder where the top hand grips, allowing you to maintain a free and easy follow through. The backside of the handle follows a near vertical path downward, placing more of the handle in contact with your palm.

Together, these features align the Axe handle more closely with your natural grip and enable the most comfortable swing you’ll ever take.